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Sailing Project Atticus
We're Jordan and Desiree! Our newest crew member is Captain Oso. We spent 6 years restoring and sailing on our 30 foot sailboat, "Atticus I". We made it as far as Panama, when we decided to upgrade to "Atticus II", our larger, more reliable family sailbo...
Joined: Jan 09, 2014
Subscribers: 264,000
Videos: 419
Views: 57,094,814
Comments: 0
Sailing Nandji – Frothlyfe...
Young Australian couple circumnavigating the world on an old boat and on a tight budget. Follow our journey as we sail Nandji across the seven seas, taking you to some of the most remote corners of the world. We bought Nandji without any sailing experience...
Joined: Jan 15, 2015
Subscribers: 131,000
Videos: 382
Views: 36,071,510
Comments: 0
Join us on our adventure where we sail to remote places around the world, live off the land where we can and try to keep our footprint as small as possible. It’s all about the challenges we face, the people we meet and take on as crew and the sharing of ...
Joined: Mar 12, 2015
Subscribers: 127,000
Videos: 605
Views: 38,006,961
Comments: 0
Sailing Learning By Doing
My name is Vernon, I'm a passionate observer, a life-long traveler and a seeker of adventure. I grew up In Motueka, New Zealand and have also Swiss citizenship and have been based there since 1997 My name is Marie-Morgane, I'm from France. I love being in ...
Joined: Feb 12, 2015
Subscribers: 32,600
Videos: 285
Views: 6,058,066
Comments: 0
Free Range Living
Once a sailing channel for people who love self-sufficient travel and adventure, now you can join Troy and Pascale on the next chapter of their lives as they embark on setting up a 9-acre homestead in the South West of Australia.
Joined: Sep 07, 2017
Subscribers: 135,000
Videos: 316
Views: 39,206,040
Comments: 0
Sailing Melody
Sailing Melody is the official YouTube channel for the Bennington Family and our sailing adventures. We are now well on our way to becoming a full time live-aboard family. We started with a little 24ft Snapdragon bilge keel, and then moved up to a 28ft Gr...
Joined: Oct 26, 2019
Subscribers: 69,600
Videos: 216
Views: 13,739,614
Comments: 0
The Adventure Travelers
Ready for an adventure? We sail our yacht to Baja Mexico and into the Sea of Cortez, travel mainland Mexico by car and sail across the ocean to the South Pacific. Our videos will include sailing to Nuku Hiva, Ahe, Rangiroa, Tahiti, Moorea, Huahine, Tahaa...
Joined: Mar 06, 2015
Subscribers: 4,880
Videos: 255
Views: 1,209,954
Comments: 0
Sailing Maalie
We are a Scottish/French sailing duo, exploring alternative lifestyles on our liveaboard yacht, Maalie. Recently, we stepped back from working professionally and put our life savings into exploring the world in a sustainable way. In Spring 2023, we explore...
Joined: Jan 08, 2023
Subscribers: 1,430
Videos: 10
Views: 54,821
Comments: 0
Building SY Mistress
Welcome to Building SY Mistress and her journeys! I have built a Van De Stadt, 40ft steel sailing yacht and am in the process of fitting her out. I have never built a boat before! I have built her solo, on my own. I found that there are very few youtube ...
Joined: Mar 16, 2012
Subscribers: 13,800
Videos: 202
Views: 1,985,847
Comments: 0
Sailing Zephyr
An adventurous couple from Australia who bought a sailboat on the other side of the world. With no clue on how to sail, we left our desk jobs, sold everything we had and bet everything on a sailboat called Zephyr. With your support, every week we will sh...
Joined: Nov 30, 2018
Subscribers: 23,100
Videos: 259
Views: 3,277,335
Comments: 0
Sailing Zatara
As my husband and I entered our mid-40s, we realized we were completely exhausted with corporate America and the effect it was having on our marriage and our kids. Something definitely had to change. So, we saved some cash, gathered our four kids and, reg...
Joined: Jun 14, 2016
Subscribers: 597,000
Videos: 389
Views: 116,107,587
Comments: 0
Sailing Catalpa
We are a family of 4 that packed up our life on the Gold Coast in Australia, Sold everything to live our dream and sail the world in 2016. We may not have much in the way of the things but we are living now sailing full time in South East Asia. Follow us a...
Joined: Sep 02, 2016
Subscribers: 40,400
Videos: 580
Views: 8,279,324
Comments: 0