CAPTAIN is DEBILITATED on day 1, now it’s ALL ON ME (shaking with fear 😩 RAW & REAL) | EE 109

May 21, 2023 Sailing YouTubers

The Captain is down & it's ALL ON ME to handle the fall out (+ keep my cool, for his sake).

The Captain is down & it's ALL ON ME to handle the fall out (+ keep my cool, for his sake)
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Being attacked is never a good thing. But being attacked while under sail, on day one of a 9 day passage has to rank up there! Simultaneously we had a bat, a scorpion, 2 dogs, and dolphins to deal with. What a zoo Eva has become lol.

We're sailing from Guatemala back up to Florida for a VERY quick re-provision before we pack it up and head to the Bahamas. Stick around because the Bahamas is going to be here fast and it's a whirlwind!

Love you all, be safe be good!

Brett Jade Dingo Penny


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