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CAPTAIN is DEBILITATED on day 1, now it’s ALL ON ME (shaking with fear 😩 RAW & REAL) | EE 109
May 21, 2023
CAPTAIN is DEBILITATED on day 1, now it’s ALL ON ME (shaking with fear 😩 RAW & REAL) | EE 109

CAPTAIN is DEBILITATED on day 1, now it’s ALL ON ME (shaking with fear 😩 RAW & REAL) | EE 109

CAPTAIN is DEBILITATED on day 1, now it’s ALL ON ME (shaking with fear 😩 RAW & REAL) | EE 109

A Day of Surprises: Battling Scorpions and Sailing the High Seas

As the Expedition Evans crew prepared to depart from Guatemala, they encountered a series of challenges and surprises that added a dose of drama to their sailing adventure.

Parting with Guatemala was bittersweet. However, the time spent there had been fruitful. They had successfully raised the waterline of their boat, giving it a fresh bottom paint that would keep them afloat for years to come. Brett and Jade were pleased with the boat’s rebalancing. They shifted weight forward and removed excess, enhancing its overall performance.

Embracing a Nomadic Lifestyle: Staying Grounded

One of the crew’s key considerations was not losing sight of the novelty of their lifestyle. Parking their boat in a grocery store’s boat lot served as a reminder of the unique aspects of their nomadic existence. They stressed the importance of sharing these experiences with their viewers and not losing the sense of wonder.

Provisions and Preparations: Stocking Up for the Journey

The journey continued with a visit to a local marine store in Guatemala, which was likened to West Marine. However, the distinctive smell of chemicals in the store didn’t sit well with Jade, who was sensitive to fumes. The crew restocked their supplies, including essential items like chain, seether plugs, and more.

Filling the Galley: Preparing for the Passage

After securing their marine supplies, they moved on to provision the boat with food. They managed to gather an array of provisions, including fruits, yogurt, milk, cheese, and eggs, spending just over a hundred dollars. Their preparations for the passage were nearing completion.

The Day of Departure: Navigating Challenges

The day of departure arrived, and the crew needed to check out of the country. Interestingly, only Brett had to go through the checkout process, saving Jade from having to leave the boat, a prudent decision given the high theft rate in the area.

Reflecting on Their Stay: Memories of Howler Monkeys and Cruiser Community

As they left Guatemala, they reminisced about the unique aspects of their stay, from the sounds of howler monkeys to the daily politics of their cruisers’ community.

Navigating Back to the Sea: Overcoming Challenges

Their passage entailed navigating out of the river and back into the ocean, a multi-step process to ensure a smooth departure from Guatemala. The crew was eager to embark on their next adventure and regain their sea legs. As they set sail, they encountered some challenges, including an unwelcome encounter with tiny, biting insects.

An Unwelcome Stowaway: Battling the Scorpion

The day began with an unexpected visitor – a scorpion. Not your typical crew member, but one that quickly stirred fear and concern among the couple. As they assessed the situation and managed to rid their vessel of this unwelcome guest, a sense of relief washed over them.

As Brett’s pain subsided and they sailed towards Punta Gorda, the crew continued their journey, unsure of what lay ahead.

The Bat Dilemma: Risking Rabies on the High Seas

Scorpions, it seemed, were not the only challenges they would face that day. Moreover, their attention turned to a bat that had found refuge in their sail. As they contemplated the risks of rabies in a high-risk region, they were left with a tough decision: should they release the bat, potentially exposing themselves to danger, or wait until nighttime? While the debate raged on, the bat finally took flight, leaving them to sail onward, wondering what other surprises the day had in store.

The Vastness of the Open Sea: Amidst Thoughts of Danger

As the sun graced the sky, the couple found themselves immersed in a seemingly endless ocean, contemplating the vastness and beauty of the sea. However, the thought of rabies still lingered, making them acutely aware of the risks that came with every unexpected encounter.

Navigating Around Potential Threats: A Change of Course

With their voyage continuing, they pondered the potential threat of pirates as they neared Honduran waters. Deciding to err on the side of caution, they changed their course, hoping to avoid any risky situations that may lie ahead.

Creative Distractions: Crafting Hats on the High Seas

In the midst of their maritime journey, they also found time for a little creativity. Crafting a hat from a palm tree frond added a touch of whimsy to their day, offering a brief respite from the challenges they had faced.

Setting Sail Under the Moon: The Promise of the Gulf Stream

As day turned to night, they prepared for their respective shifts. The promise of reaching the Gulf Stream and its swift currents gave them hope that their progress would improve. They may not have covered much distance that day, but each obstacle they faced only strengthened their resolve.

A Thrilling Journey Continues: Expedition Evans

Sailing, after all, was not just about smooth waters and fair winds; instead, it was about embracing the unknown, adapting to the unexpected, and persevering against all odds. Therefore, as they embarked on another night at sea, they did so with a sense of excitement and curiosity, eager to see what tomorrow’s adventures would bring.

The episode ended on a cliffhanger, leaving viewers anxious for the crew’s next update.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Expedition Evans as they navigate the unpredictable seas and unforeseen encounters on their way to Florida.

The Captain is down & it’s ALL ON ME to handle the fall out (+ keep my cool, for his sake)
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Being attacked is never a good thing. But being attacked while under sail, on day one of a 9 day passage has to rank up there! Simultaneously we had a bat, a scorpion, 2 dogs, and dolphins to deal with. What a zoo Eva has become lol.

We’re sailing from Guatemala back up to Florida for a VERY quick re-provision before we pack it up and head to the Bahamas. Stick around because the Bahamas is going to be here fast and it’s a whirlwind!

Love you all, be safe be good!

Brett Jade Dingo Penny

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CAPTAIN is DEBILITATED on day 1, now it’s ALL ON ME (shaking with fear 😩 RAW & REAL) | EE 109 Locations

  • Carretera Ruta 13, 18021 Lívingston Río Dulce, Izabal Guatemala (15.6602794,-89.0019339)

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