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A BAD Day Sailing is still a GOOD Life! - Sailing Turtle⛵
March 24, 2023
A BAD Day Sailing is still a GOOD Life! - Sailing Turtle⛵

A BAD Day Sailing is still a GOOD Life! - Sailing Turtle⛵

Resilience at Sea: Overcoming a Bad Day

Sailing Turtle, a vessel set for adventure, recently encountered unexpected challenges during a seemingly routine four-hour sail. In the midst of pursuing snorkeling spots, a sudden accidental jibe led to a cascade of issues that tested the crew’s seamanship. The primary setback? A damaged traveler, a vital component of the sailing rig.

The Turbulent Turn of Events

As the wind played tricks, the accidental jibe wreaked havoc on the sailboat. The traveler, responsible for maintaining tension in the mainsail, suffered significant damage. Plastic pieces and ball bearings scattered across the deck, rendering the traveler useless. The sail, now uncontrollable, added to the chaos.

Assessing the Damage

Upon reaching an anchorage, the crew assessed the damages. The traveler emerged as the main victim, with a crucial plastic piece torn off. The subsequent loss of ball bearings jeopardized its functionality. A makeshift solution involving Dyneema temporarily secured the traveler, highlighting the resourcefulness essential at sea.

Seeking Solutions

Facing a potentially prolonged delay, the crew reached out to fellow cruisers for advice. A chance encounter with a sympathetic fellow sailor, who had experienced a similar issue, provided a glimmer of hope. Examination of their broken traveler revealed a potential solution, a newer model that could potentially fit.

Implementation and Optimism

The crew took on a repair mission, removing the damaged traveler and trying to fit the substitute. After putting in diligent efforts and securing torlon balls, they found the makeshift solution promising. They promptly placed an order for a replacement traveler, restoring optimism to the journey.

Secondary Victims: Dinghy and Bowls

The challenges extended beyond the sailing rig. The dinghy, once snug, suffered damage due to unexpected movements. Meanwhile, the galley lost a bowl during the turbulent episode, emphasizing the ripple effect of sailing mishaps.

Lessons Learned and Gratitude

Despite the adversity, the crew reinforced the dinghy and learned valuable lessons in preparedness. Gratitude extended to supportive patrons, whose generosity facilitated the acquisition of replacement parts. The journey of Sailing Turtle became a testament to resilience and community within the cruising world.

A BAD Day Sailing is still a GOOD Life

As repairs progress and the crew eagerly awaits the arrival of the new traveler, Sailing Turtle’s story unfolds as a reminder that even challenging days at sea contribute to the rich tapestry of a sailor’s life. Navigating each obstacle teaches valuable lessons, improving the crew’s skills and fortitude for future voyages. Sailing Turtle readies itself to set sail once again, affirming that even a challenging day on the water remains a cherished chapter in the sailors’ logbook.

In a surprising and somewhat annoying turn of events, we have yet another thing break on the boat, this time our traveller, which cancels all of our passage planning!

We are Dev (pronounced Dave) and Spandana (pronounced Spun-The-Nuh), a software engineer and developmental behavioral pediatrician, who gave up everything. Less than 6 months after learning how to sail, we bought a sailboat and jumped into full time cruising in 2021. Our Turtle is a 40 foot 1993 Caliber who has had 7 owners before us and has even been salvaged once. Join our adventure as we travel the world, collecting memories and barnacles!

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