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April 02, 2020 Sailing YouTubers

We replaced every Thru Hull and Seacock on Sunday with TruDesign. This is a simple step-by-step guide on how we did it.

We replaced every Thru Hull and Seacock on Sunday with TruDesign.

This is a simple step by step guide on how we did it.

--- Before you start ---
Your existing seacocks should have the size printed into it, 1/2" or 1/4" or 1 1/4" etc... All you need to do is write down these sizes and order the new parts. TruDesigns website (Below) is very helpful and easy to navigate to find all the fittings needed.
Tools & Materials Required:
Safety Gear, Grinder, Silicone Gun, Scraper, Spanner and/or Multi-Grips, Hammer, Fine Sandpaper, Sander, Drill with small grinding stone (not essential), SIKA 291i, some old bung plugs, Turps and old rags.

Using your grinder, carefully grind off all the old thru hull fittings as seen in this video. Then wiggle loose inside the boat while gently tapping an old bung plug into it from the outside until it releases from the hull.

Scrape off the excess sealant and then sand either by hand or using a small mouse sander. I used fine sandpaper and along with a small grinding stone in my drill to gently clean excess sealant around the inside of the hole. Bring it back to gelcoat ready for the new thru-hull fittings.

Remind yourself why you're doing this!

Test fit your new thru hulls are correct before gluing down, if you have trouble fitting them you can remove the handle for installation and screw back on once completed. You may need to adjust a few things eg, measure and cut your thru hull fitting for the correct fitment depending on your hull thickness. You can use a hacksaw to cut them down, I used a grinder.

Clean all the surfaces and thru- hulls with turps ready for install and apply your sealant, we used SIKA 291i throughout the whole process. Put a small amount around the ring of your thru-hull fitting and push in with a slight twist clockwise. From the inside, I put a small amount around the base then installed the washer and nut hand tight. Finally cleaned off any excess and left to dry overnight.

Don't stress!

Tighten the final turn the following day.

Connect your seacocks by using SIKA 291i or any other sealant you choose. Don't be shy, put a good amount around the thread and tighten up your seacock to the desired position and leave to dry. Repeat the process when screwing on all your fittings, and use 2 new hose clamps on all hose connections. We used SIKA 291i throughout the process, but you can also use 3M 5200, 5200 fast cure, Loctite 5331, or plumbers tape on the threads. We did it all at once and left it all to dry, but you can put the seacocks on first leave to dry then connect the hoses up the following day.

Grab a Beer you've earned it!!!

---- TRU DESIGN -----

The though hull fittings and seacocks we used were from TruDesign made in New Zealand. For more information check out their website! We have heard great things about them across many countries and now after installing them, we highly recommend them ourselves!

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