Preparing to Go Off Grid in our Tiny Home (waiting for a weather window...)

June 12, 2022 Sailing YouTubers

This is it... our final weeks living at the docks before taking our boat (and tiny home) off grid. But first, we patiently wait for a good weather window.

This is it... our final weeks living at the docks before taking our boat (and tiny home) off grid. But first, we patiently wait for a good weather window. In addition to preparing our Catalina 30 sailboat for living off grid, we also faced challenging weather, from pouring rain, to wind storms, to an unseasonably low pressure system that hit the night before we planned to leave.

This week was a little chaotic, but we managed to get MOST of the things checked off our list before our departure! We're so excited to share some sailing content on here starting next Sunday!

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If you are new to the channel, Blue Moon is a 1978 Catalina 30 sailing vessel which we acquired in 2020. One year later we decided it was time for a road trip and built out a 1998 Delica to drive across the country. Now we live aboard the boat full-time, take weekend trips in the van, and explore this beautiful world.

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0:00 - In this episode
0:30 - We’re leaving at the end of the week
2:44 - Fuel and switching to DC power sources
7:38 - Pouring rain
10:52 - The wind storm is complicating things
15:59 - Our final day + a low pressure system
19:18 - Laundry and shower
21:43 - Off grid refrigeration (for now)
24:15 - Last meal on the dock
25:15 - Route planning + windy cold night
28:14 - Radio check
29:57 - Emergency sheet
30:36 - Next week (sailing)

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