NO MORE HOLES In Our Boat - Eliminating ALL Through-Hulls

July 09, 2022 Sailing YouTubers

NO MORE HOLES In Our Boat - Eliminating ALL Through-Hulls

NEW WAY to support the project! Get a t-shirt/hoodie/sticker, all profits (and much more) guaranteed to go towards the boat restoration 😉! 15 % off the first two weeks. (USA) (Europe)

If you get redirected to a wrong shop or see the products in wrong currency, scroll down and change your language/location.

Made of organic/recycled cotton, printed in either the US or Europe (depending where you order from). Coming up with this graphic and these shirts was a loooong and involved process but we're finally there, and I'm really fond of the result! I think this design captures what we're about, but at the same time it's something you can also wear in public and show off to friends who know nothing about Alluring Arctic.

Don't need more material things or have too many t-shirts already? Don't buy one! I really don't want to push people into buying something they don't actually need, there's too much stuff in this world already.

Shirts just not your thing? You can support the creation of these videos on Patreon:

More real-time updates at:

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Juho and Sohvi living aboard, sailing and skiing somewhere cold, and contributing to research projects, including climate change on the glaciers.