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RENOGY Off Grid Solar Installation on a boat!
January 6, 2023
RENOGY Off Grid Solar Installation on a boat!

RENOGY Off Grid Solar Installation on a boat!

RENOGY Off Grid Solar Installation on a boat!

A Complete guide on how we installed our Renogy Lithium Smart Batteries, Renogy Solar panels, Renogy Solar charge controllers, 3000w Renogy Inverter / Charger and how we connected our Renogy dc-dc charger to the alternator on the engine.

We sail around the world on our sailboat with this system but this is is the same setup for your RV or Van for the Van Life lovers out there traveling all over the countryside!

Our COMPLETE Renogy Off-Grid system on Sailing Sunday Below:

4x Renogy 100Ah Lithium Smart Battery:
4x Renogy Flexible Solar panels:
200w: (for extra solar)
2x Renogy Rover Li MPPT Charge Controller:
40Amp – (Use BT-1 Module)
60Amp – (Use BT-2 Module)
1x Renogy 50A DC-DC Charger with MPPT Charge:
1x Renogy 3000w Inverter / 80A Charger: (110vac)
1x Renogy Bluetooth Module BT-2:
2x Renogy Bluetooth Module BT-1: (use with 40A Charge Controller)
1x Renogy Communication HUB:
1x Renogy One Touch Screen Display: (future display)

Extra Cables and Fittings you may need that we used in our system Below:

10AWG Solar Panel Cables with MC4 Connectors:
4 AWG DC-DC Charger Cables:
4/0 AWG Battery/Inverter Cables:
Renogy Fuse Holders w/ 40A Fuse:
Circuit Breaker 40A:
Battery Terminal Fuse Block with 100A MRBF:
4/0 AWG Tinned wire lugs w/ 5/16 ring eye:
150A Terminal Block:

Our boat runs on 12v DC & 220v AC but the systems are all the same for 110v AC. Wire thickness and fuses will all depend on length of cables run in your system, please check your cable sizes needed when purchasing your cables.

Renogy website for more info:


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