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November 2, 2023
Adventure Adrift

Adventure Adrift

Discovering the World Aboard SV Varuna: Hillary and Ty’s Journey

Hillary and Ty’s story is one of transformation and the pursuit of a dream that took them from novices in sailing to intrepid world explorers. It all began in 2012 when these two kindred spirits, bound by their shared love for adventure, crossed paths. The spark ignited by their passion for travel, culture, and the people they met during their journeys soon turned into a blazing fire, fueling their desire to live a life less ordinary.

Setting Sail on the Path Less Traveled

As they delved deeper into their shared dream, Hillary and Ty realized that their conventional careers wouldn’t suffice to support their adventurous aspirations. Instead of settling for the mundane, they made bold plans to embark on a life of sailing and exploration. The first vessel in their quest for adventure was the 1982 Pearson 367 SV Varuna. With a length of 36.5 feet and a solid fiberglass hull, Varuna was their maiden voyage into the world of sailing.

Their journey didn’t end there. The couple’s unyielding spirit led them to the refit of SV Makara, and by late 2020, they became the proud owners of SV Yaringa, a Passport 40. Their progression from one vessel to another mirrored their evolving skills and growing love for the open sea.

From Novices to Seasoned Sailors

What makes Hillary and Ty’s story truly remarkable is their humble beginnings as sailors. They started with no prior experience, approaching the world of cruising with practicality and a thirst for learning. Selling everything they owned and making their home aboard a 36-foot boat, they fully committed to their dream of exploring the world.

Their journey is a testament to the power of determination and adaptability. They immersed themselves in local communities, embraced diverse environments, and lent a helping hand wherever they could. Their mission was not just about traveling; it was about understanding the world, connecting with different cultures, and making a positive impact.

A Sustainable and Self-Sufficient Odyssey

Hillary and Ty are not just adventurers; they are passionate about sustainability and self-sufficiency. Their journey is marked by a commitment to using natural elements to power their travels, living a simple and slow-paced life. Their experiences, stories, and adventures are shared with a wider audience, inspiring others to embrace a similar lifestyle and connect with the world on a deeper level.

Supporting Adventure Adrift

If you’re inspired by Hillary and Ty’s extraordinary journey, you can be a part of it. Adventure Adrift invite you to enjoy their videos and adventures while supporting them on Patreon. Your support allows them to continue documenting their incredible journey around the world.

To experience their adventures from the beginning, visit or follow the links provided on their website.

Hillary’s Journey

Hillary, born in a small town south of Seattle, Washington, developed a deep love for nature early in her life. Her childhood was filled with exploration, from tending to the expansive backyard garden to venturing beyond to discover the wonders of Puget Sound and its surroundings. It was during her college years that she embarked on her first travel adventures, marked by a transformative study abroad program in Central America. Her fervent commitment to sustainability, agriculture, and economic equality served as the driving force behind her choices. However, she soon realized that the conventional career path posed formidable challenges to her aspirations.

Working in the airline industry became her ticket to the world. She spent years traveling, forming incredible friendships, and meeting Ty, who would later become her partner in adventure. By the age of 27, Hillary had explored 36 countries on five continents, all thanks to her industry travel privileges.

Ty’s Journey

Ty, on the other hand, grew up near Brisbane, Australia, and had a deep-seated desire to explore the world, especially the United States. A life-changing car accident at 17 served as a wake-up call, making him realize that life is short and should be lived on one’s own terms. He dreamed of a nomadic life, free from the constraints of the corporate world.

Ty thrived in diverse and remote environments, from the Himalayas to the African savannahs. His career had taken him through the restaurant and aviation industries, but he yearned for something more fulfilling. The dream of sailing the world’s oceans powered by the sun and wind became his ultimate goal.

Our Story Unfolds

Hillary and Ty’s story is a testament to the transformative power of following one’s dreams. They found each other while working in aviation in 2012 and immediately bonded over their shared love for travel and exploration. Their early experiences working with local communities and families around the world shaped their shared vision.

In 2015, they began to evaluate their lives, realizing that their careers left them unfulfilled. New horizons beckoned, leading them to the realization that they could achieve their goals by living aboard a sailboat. They made the brave decision to sell their home, cars, and possessions to fully embrace this nomadic lifestyle.

Their journey is far from over, and it’s an inspiring tale of embracing an alternate lifestyle that revolves around connecting with cultures and people across continents. As they sail to distant shores, Hillary and Ty invite you to join them on their remarkable adventure.

In conclusion, the story of Hillary and Ty is a captivating narrative of transformation, adventure, and the pursuit of a dream. It serves as a reminder that with determination, adaptability, and a passion for exploration, anyone can live a life less ordinary. Follow Adventure Adrift and be part of their ongoing journey to discover the world’s hidden treasures.

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