28. What its like to check into a new country! | Traveling Montenegro | Sailing Sunday

October 13, 2019 Sailing YouTubers

We are finally starting to get the hang of checking into a new Country, until we arrived in Bar, Montenegro! What a maze this was!

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Hit that SUBSCRIBE button, Give Ryan a thumbs up for successfully checking into Montenegro, he worked really hard finding the Harbour Masters office in Bar, stopping for a mid-check in coffee!

We are finally starting to get the hang of checking into a new Country, until we arrived in Bar, Montenegro! What a maze this was! Check out the map for anyone needing to check into Bar, Montenegro.

Once we did, we kept sailing to dodge winds that night heading to Budva, Montenegro. After spending a few nights there we made our way into the bay of Kotor getting ready to enjoy some amazing scenery but just as we tacked to enter the bay, our laptop came crashing down destroying the screen.
We head into Tivat (the amazing Porto Montenegro) on a mission to fix our MacBook then finally make our way through to the 2nd bay finishing off at the medieval town, Kotor!




If you would like to support us further, take a look at our Patreon, We need to replace the DJI Drone, GoPro7, both iPhones!!!, 1x MacBook Pro laptop, 1x acer laptop.... The mic has also ruined 50% our footage. It's never ending fixing and replacing electronics at sea!

-----Buy Jackson a treat!-----

We have returned back to Montenegro to save some cats! If you would like to donate we would love to do the work! Jackson's treats all goes towards this cause. "Not for profit" is an understatement, with or without donations, we're doing it anyway, just how much we can do is the concern.


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