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Trying something a little different this week and taking you into the non-glorified, chill, realities of sailing off anchor on a beautiful morning.

Trying something a little different this week and taking you into the non-glorified, chill, realties of sailing off anchor on a beautiful morning in Georgetown, Long Island, Bahamas. No fluff with this one, so adding some blog style notes below incase you're curious about what's going on. Hope you sailing enthusiast's and inquisitives enjoy this one!

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0:07 Chat N' Chill is a local beach bar/restaurant in Georgetown. It provides a great atmosphere for cruisers and tourist as it boarders a popular anchorage and you can pull your dinghy/power boat right up to the beach and enjoy volleyball, stingrays, and fresh conch salad. Would highly recommend checking this place out!

0:36 Removing the straps that hold the mainsail flaked nicely to the boom.

1:36 I pull the slack out of the main halyard and keep tension while Andre clips the shackle onto the main sail, so that the line doesn't get snagged on the spreaders.

1:51 Our water maker intake is Tee'd off from the same seacock/thru hull valve as our engine raw water cooling system. So we always want to make sure we have the water flowing towards the engine when we are underway. Even though we aren't intending on using the engine today, we switch it over in case we need it in a pinch!

2:32 We have our first reef in the main today (the blue line taut at the clew), the loose black line just above this is our second reef line.

3:02 I raise the main sail and slack the main sheet while Andre starts to pull the anchor. I let the boom swing freely so the sail luffs, preventing wind from catching and starting to sail before we're ready.

3:57 Andre continues to pull our 6 ton vessel towards the anchor. We currently have a 45lb Mantus anchor and chain intended for a 50 foot catamaran (130 feet of 3/8" chain) on our 34 foot monohull :D GO DRE GO

5:56 Dre needs a small assist on the last bit here, to help dislodge the anchor. So, I sheet in the main sail and fall off from the wind slightly to begin sailing upwind and help him tug it out. With no engine to assist, this is a slow and steady process :D.

9:42 With one reef in the main, we don't have quite enough windage power to bring us around. So we set up the pull a small amount of headsail to give us an extra push.

10:15 We've been having issue with our furling line spooling unevenly and over riding. So we pull it out just a pinch to bring us around, until I can get on the bow to guide the furling line through to spool evenly and get the entire sail out.

14:20 I very carefully apply pressure to the line in order to guide it evenly onto the drum. This is to avoid 1.) the line overriding and 2.) the line spooling at one end and filling the drum before the entire sail is unwrapped.

22:33 the harsh realities of a lot of clicker ticking, seaweed and no fish... sometimes it just be like that!

26:00 If you made it this far, cheers to you! Thanks for sticking around. This video style wasn't for everyone but hope it helped gain some insight into the time it takes and unfluffed feel of a serene sailing day. We like to show you guys the fast pace, exciting highlights, but this is a good reminder of what a lot of the rest looks like.

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