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Sailing Nahoa
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Ben, Ashley, Willa & Bodhi, a Canadian family sailing around the world on SV NAHOA. Sailors. Explorers. World citizens.

The Crew

Ben, Ashley, Willa & Bodhi, a Canadian family from Victoria, BC sailing around the world. In 5 years they visited 35 countries and have more than 40000 nautical miles behind. Their goal here is to show you the World as they encounter it. How it exists. Without judgement but with understanding and openness to other ideas. 

Ben and Ashley were raised in middle-class families where their parents taught them the value of hard work humbleness and being grateful for what they have and the values they stick to these days.

After university, their lives were typical and pretty predictable - mortgage to get their first townhome, overseas trips to keep money flowing,  moving up the corporate and building up the software consulting agency to own the house and a few toys.

“What causes someone to sell everything and embark on an expedition to sail around the world? Be at the risk of storms, pirates and financial uncertainty.”

After 10 years of sacrifices, hustles, and saving every penny Ben and Ashley sold the house, car, and possessions to buy a sailboat. Ben and Ashley quit their jobs and bought the boat - an offshore sailing vessel. They sailed off into the sunset to live the dream.... and ran out of money in their second year of sailing... it's where the videos start... an amazing story of Ben, Ashley, Willa & Bodhi, and their sailboat Nahoa..


Besides being a logistics coordinator, Ashley is also a yogi, a mother, and a cheerleader. Whether it's researching the next destination, or taking the helm, while ensuring that the meals keep flowing and the activities remain on schedule - there's always something to do for Ashley and she can be found almost anywhere you look, most often in a bikini. Crew states that Ashley filling the bilges with seashells :)

“We've been acting on our dream to sail around the world for well over a decade. We're half way and have our eye on the prize but before we get there we have some incredible stories to experience and tell.”


In addition to being a self-taught mechanic, Ben is also a plumber, electrician, videographer, ecologist, and many more. Ben enjoys a good romantic comedy and is also passionate about fishing and it is not uncommon for him to have sleepless nights when he visualizes fighting massive tuna. In fact, in their videos, you will find giant tuna fishing. Successful one. On many occasions, you will hear Ben shouting, “I AM NOT AN EXPERT!” when he is fixing the boat. Crew states that Ben prefers a sledge over a normal hammer :).

“We're not much different than you. We fight. We laugh. We worry about our futures. And we have dreams. Dreams are a funny thing. They’re exactly that. Just a dream. Until you act.”


Learned to climb the ranks in her 2nd year of life, Willa helps her parents and holds the camera when mom & dad are wrestling a big fish & ensuring her little brother stays in the cockpit when the seas are too big. Willa prefers all foods with mango, hates cold water, and sleeps like a log when it's rough out as a true sailor.


Bodhi spent most of his lifetime at sea. Actually, at 1 year old, he's spent more time at sea than on land. Bodhi is a quick learner and mastering his sailor skills in learning the ropes & acquiring new skills such as falling asleep in a gale while getting airborne in his front berth. Bodhi enjoys the water, has sea legs like the oldest of seafarers, and his parents have a hard time keeping him out of the water.

The Boat

SV NAHOA is a production Lagoon 410 catamaran built in 2005. She’s not the newest cat out there, but Ben and Ashley strongly believe she is the perfect blend between comfort, performance, and cost.

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