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Expedition Evans
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Brett and Jade Evans going to sail the world, but first they have to fix their newly purchased SV Sea Pass, salvaged 2008 Beneteau 49.

The Crew

Meet the Evans crew - Jade and Brett Evans, together with the sailor dogs, Dingo and Penny they going to sail the world!

Years ago Evans set a goal to buy a sailboat and sail it around the world. They always had a big dream of buying a salvaged project boat and fixing it. Evans assumed they will end up with a hurricane-damaged boat, and tried really hard to find the right one after Dorian without any luck.

It's been 5 years since the Evans family set that goal to find a boat together and here they are! They bought their dream boat - SV Sea Pass - salvaged 2008 Beneteau 49, and in better condition than they initially expected. It was exactly what they were looking for - the sailboat loved by its previous owner, but also a very, very broken project boat, so it going to be a long battle with fiberglass, fortunately, they really like working on projects together and they are super excited to be making this boat home for all their expeditions to come.

The Evans has a lot of repairs ahead and they know it's going to be a long haul (and a long hull, it's big deal). There's a LOT of grinding gel coat, fiberglass, glue...oh and more, a lot more fiberglass. They becoming regulars at the local hardware stores, going through countless packs of sanding disks (they've already lost count), respirators, protective suits, gallons of acetone, pounds of silica, jugs of epoxy, and hundreds and hundreds of feet of fiberglass mat.

The project is still very much in progress, but eventually, they'll get it put back together in March 2021. They want it built stronger than from the factory, so damage like this can never ever happen again. Then they will set off on the big lap around the world. Stopping as many places as they can, meeting as many people as they can, seeing as many things as they can, and living the absolute biggest life they can.

Evans transformed a Salvage Sailboat into Off-Grid Tiny Home on the water! - and now, they are sailing it around the world!

They can't thank you enough for being here. They are thrilled to be living the dream that they've worked so hard for. They love encapsulating our life into these videos and are excited to share it all with all of us!

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