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June 30, 2022 Sailing YouTubers

This week’s adventure included soaking up the heat while motoring from Nassau to the Exumas in the clear, glassy water, playing on the deserted Lobster Cay...

Boat Life - One Day in Our Life living on and off the Ocean :-D
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This week’s adventure included soaking up the heat while motoring from Nassau to the Exumas in the clear, glassy water, playing on the deserted Lobster Cay, seeing lots of adorable hermit crabs & thimble jellyfish, trying out our new paddle boards, and exploring Pablo Escobar’s sunken drug plane!

First things first, we grabbed Jade’s mom from the airport in Nassau - this was her first time sailing with us and she picked it up like a champ! We planned to check out the Exuma Islands to give mom a full-on sailing experience, but with very little wind we ended up motoring a lot of the way there.

We set anchor at Lobster Cay and inflated our new paddleboards from Isle Paddleboards for the first time. Inflating them was a bit more difficult and took longer than we anticipated, but once inflated they were super easy to navigate and so much fun! We plan on leaving them inflated on the rack on the boat.

We paddled ¼ of a mile against the current to get to Lobster Cay. Dingo and Penny tagged along and kept switching places between the boards, knocking one of us off of them from time to time. Dingo especially loves paddleboarding. When we got to the beach we had the place to ourselves! There were loads of cute little hermit crabs, and no mosquitos - so lucky!

After getting back to the boat, we had a quick salad for lunch and planned to motor out to a sunken plane at Norman’s Cay. While motoring, we ended up dipping out into the Atlantic side of the islands and had just enough wind for some light sailing - woo! It felt so good to finally sail after being in the breeze-less heat for so long. Mom took to sailing like a natural.

After waiting for the crowd to die down, we set out to snorkel around the sunken drug plane. Jade scraped her butt on some coral, and Brett got caught in a cloud of jellyfish and got stung quite a bit - because what’s an adventure without a little mishap? To make things even more exciting, a storm started to roll in and lightning began hitting the water around us. We decided to paddle back to the boat and cook up some hamburgers for dinner - we were all ravenous after a very full & successful day!


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