Sailing on BORROWED Time (it's time to go...) | EE 93

October 03, 2022 Sailing YouTubers

Jade and I have improved our freediving tremendously, so much so that pretty soon we're going to get hurt or worse. Sooner or later we need get certified.

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Hurricanes are coming for the Bahamas. Time to FLEE!!!!! But First...
Our friends JUST GOT HERE and we need to celebrate.


Jade and I have improved our freediving tremendously, so much so that pretty soon we're going to get hurt or worse. Thanks to @SpearItAnimal for the tips and tricks of the trade. Sooner or later we need to take a proper course and get certified. And thank you @SailingNaida for meeting up with us against the odds, love you!

Thank you so much for all who have reached out about Hurricane Ian. We are SAFE and thank goodness. Our hearts go out to those impacted by the storm. If you know of a good resource to help, please post it in the comments or reach out to us. We have had many people asking us to direct efforts and we honestly don't have a good solution yet.

If you are coming to the 2022 Annapolis Boat show, let us know! We're stoked to meet you. If you're a Patron, we're excited for the less crowded get together. Let us know here or on Patreon if you'll be attending to we can plan accordingly!

Featured Artist - Wilfred
Song - Island Girl (Live)
Song - Lead Me Home

Annapolis Boat Show 2022!!!
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Brett and Jade Evans going to sail the world, but first they have to fix their newly purchased SV Sea Pass, salvaged 2008 Beneteau 49.