Moving EVERYTHING we own to CENTRAL AMERICA! (Hello Guatemala!) | EE 102

March 18, 2023 Sailing YouTubers

Moving everything we own, home, dogs, stuff, to Central America... specifically GUATEMALA! It has not been easy to get here.

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Moving everything we own, home, dogs, stuff, to Central America... specifically GUATEMALA! It has not been easy to get here. We battled torrential rains, electrical storms, insane winds waves and good ol bureaucracy. And it only took 8 days of sailing, 3 or 4 days of meandering back and forth getting paperwork sorted, and many sleepless nights.

We sail our home Eva up the Rio Dulce river in beautiful Guatemala. We are awe struck by the incredible cliffs, birds, monkeys, and the plethora of boats everywhere. And we make it to our new home for a while at the, very gratefully, welcoming Nanajuana Marina.

Thanks for tagging along, we love you all! If you're liking what we're doing, consider joining us on Patreon. The adventure to get here has destroyed yet another, many thousands of dollars worth of DSLR camera and microphone setup. So, from my ears to yours, apologies if the audio wasn't perfect on this episode...or the next several ones while we sort out how to get a new setup!

Love you all, be safe be good!

Brett Jade Dingo and Penny


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