DENIED ENTRY - Guatemala Accused Us of STEALING Our Boat | EE 101

March 06, 2023 Sailing YouTubers

For any passage there’s hundreds of things to prepare and we missed one, a big one!

Denied Entry After Sailing 8 days and Accused of Stealing our own boat...After the toughest, scariest sail yet we finally made it to Guatemala! Our friends who were just here@BeauAndBrandy give us some tips to make it over the sandbar. Now we wish we could say it’s “smooth sailing” from here… but that’s definitely not the case.

For any passage there’s hundreds of things to prepare and we missed one, a big one! This is only our second time sailing to another country and we definitely made a rookie mistake. Consider this lesson learned.

Oh and because we were missing paperwork, they accused us of potentially having stolen Eva. We didn't break out the rebuild videos to show that our blood sweat and tears are literally in her core, but we were tempted!

Thanks for hanging on through this trial of an episode. We were EXTREMELY hesitant to even post it. We know we are opening ourselves up to a heap of criticism, but we think it's important to show some of the bad that comes with all the good of this lifestyle. Mistakes happen, but I can promise you that at least this specific mistake, will never, ever, happen again.

Love you all!
Brett Jade Dingo and Penny


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