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July 23, 2022 Sailing YouTubers

We left our anchorage at Pipe Cay to make our way to Staniel Cay. You know what that means - swimming with pigs!

Boat Life and Mental Health Update
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We left our anchorage at Pipe Cay to make our way to Staniel Cay. You know what that means - swimming with pigs! We showed off our sea-built muscles to mom as we took her on a proper sailing adventure. Follow along for varying shades of ocean blue, sea-faring pigs – some cute, some intimidating, and zig-zag tacking all the way down to Georgetown!

Mom is proving to be the best crew member on Expedition Evans. She knows the drill when it comes to getting ready for sailing, and even cleaned the entire galley! With mom’s help, we got ready for a short sail over to Staniel Cay. We decided to take the scenic route so we could relax and enjoy the sail through the shallow, pale turquoise waters as we made our way to the cay.

The sun was low in the sky as we arrived at the cay, and although the anchorage was congested with boats, there wasn’t another soul on the beach. We endured the early evening bugs to enjoy solo time with all of the swimming pigs! They were friendly and loved munching on carrots and playing with us in the water.

We couldn’t get enough of the adorable pigs so we stopped by Staniel Cay again during the day, arriving at a much more crowded beach than the day before. The water was crystal clear and we got to see sharks and a massive ray. Stopping in town for provisions proved not entirely fruitless as Jade snagged a freshly fallen mango off the ground, but all of the shops were closed. The unrelenting heat on the cay let us know it was time to start heading south to get mom to Georgetown in time for her flight home.

Taking the most direct route south took us out into the Atlantic Ocean again – the 400 feet of deep blue water made a huge contrast to the 4 feet of clear water from earlier in the day. As the moon peeked out above the clouds, the misty sunset colors over the Atlantic reminded us of someplace off the coast of California. Onward through the night we sailed, until we decided to take a sleeping break at High Cay in order to let the stormy weather and harsh waves pass us by.

We got up before the sun to continue our sail down south. We were eventually greeted with radiant pink and blue sunrise colors over the ocean, which then turned into a perfectly sunny sailing day. The sail to Georgetown was entirely upwind which meant zig-zag tacking the entire day. We arrived at a windy anchorage with no bugs – hooray! – and that signature bright turquoise water. A quick trip on the dinghy into town provided provisions for us, and souvenirs for mom, bringing us to the end of this week’s adventure.


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