We Sailed into Canada With Prohibited Goods..

January 28, 2023 Sailing YouTubers

Sailing to Canadian waters. Passing the Vancouver Island. Pacific northwest sailing. Big logs in the water.

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Disclaimer: Drone flight in Victoria was done with an ultralight drone permitted in the airspace :)  Canada has quite strict but very strange and sometimes confusing drone laws, and the instructional leaflets don't always tell you the whole picture. The drone used in Victoria was under 250 g takeoff weight, which is considered a "microdrone" in Canada. They are not restricted by all the same laws as 250g+ drones and in this case it IS in fact legal to fly such a drone in Victoria. Of course you still have to fly safely, you can't fly in a negligent or reckless manner, which is why I only flew the drone during the night when the seaplanes are not operating. Fly safe everyone!

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Juho and Sohvi living aboard, sailing and skiing somewhere cold, and contributing to research projects, including climate change on the glaciers.